On Coffee Talk Sundays, we change up the usual format and break up into small groups to discuss a topic or passage of scripture. 

What is the purpose of Coffee Talk?

We understand that listening to someone speak from a stage isn’t always the best way to learn. And sometimes, it can be difficult to get to know others in a large group setting. Our goal on a Coffee Talk Sunday is provide more opportunity to connect with people and learn from each other, without the commitment of joining a small group that meets regularly.

When are Coffee Talk Sundays?

Coffee Talk Sundays are incorporated into a message series every 2-3 months. Check the calendar for the next Coffee Talk Sunday date.

How it works

  1. Worship – We participate in corporate worship just like any other Sunday
  2. Announcements – We talk about what’s going on at MHCC and give instructions for the rest of the morning
  3. Coffee break and MHCC Kids – We take 5-10 minutes to let you go get a cup of coffee, tea, or water and drop your children off in their classes. Group facilitators move chairs into circles for small groups, and invite people to join groups.
  4. Coffee Talk – Find a seat in the group of your choice! If you’re new here, a specific group is available for those new to MHCC and who want to learn more about the church. In each group there are trained facilitators making sure that everyone has a chance to speak if they wish and that one person doesn’t dominate the discussion.

No pressure

There is no pressure for you to talk or share. Whether you would like to just listen to the others in the group or jump into the conversation is totally up to you!